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Welcome to Middlegame

Welcome to the Middlegame Marketing Sciences web site

A primary objective for all business leaders is to find new and sustainable growth. This requires identification and prioritization of opportunities based on expected returns. Big data combined with advanced analytics can help companies achieve this objective, but the effort is only valuable if it leads to better conversations among the stakeholders who control changes across the value chain.

At Middlegame Marketing Sciences, we leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics to transform the growth conversations among our clients and their value-chain partners. As with any journey, it begins with addressing the right questions:

  • Are you trying to improve the growth trajectory for your company?
  • Are you seeking to strengthen alignment for growth priorities among key stakeholders inside and outside your company?
  • Are you able to test the outcomes of alternative growth scenarios and evaluate their attractiveness?
  • Are you able to respond quickly to changes in the marketing mix for key competitors?

If any of these questions resonate, you may find our approach relevant for consideration.

As marketers and scientists, we focus on showing how to reframe business issues as decision options. We then evaluate the impact each option would make on your product portfolio, your value-chain partners and your competitors.

We strive to be at the forefront of using business analytics to identify growth opportunities and minimize risks. And while descriptive and predictive analytics are a critical part of what we do, the most important value-add lies in our prescriptive analytics capabilities.

Leveraging an advanced analytics platform and our commercial expertise, we can show you the options when planning future opportunities or even mitigating future risks. And we can demonstrate the implication of each option before it’s implemented. As a result, you can execute decisions with greater certainty and spend more time exploring growth options.

Make your next move with confidence. Learn more about the Middlegame Advantage for your business.