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Another Incredible Ride for a Middlegame Hero


How can this pioneer’s work impact your decisions today?

This month, Len Lodish, Samuel R. Harrell, Professor Emeritus at the Wharton School, and his wife, Susan, finished another incredible bike ride as a fundraiser for ALS. This annual event boasts a history of 20 rides throughout all corners of the globe, generating close to $2 million for the charity.

The commitment that Dr. Lodish and Susan have made to ALS is absolutely heroic. When we turn the page to look at the contributions he has made to marketing analytics during the last five decades, it is even more astonishing. Dr. Lodish’s pioneering insights have had a dramatic impact on the underlying philosophy that built Middlegame.

One of the papers that profoundly impacted the evolution of our underlying analytics platform, Competitive Interaction Analysis (CIA)®, was Dr. Lodish’s “Building Marketing Models that Make Money” In this 2001 document, Dr. Lodish established a blueprint for developing a marketing decision support system that simultaneously addressed questions regarding product design (SKU attributes or characteristics), price, promotional support, and distribution in a single modeling and estimation framework.

Commercializing that vision defines the entire Middlegame focus. This integrated framework helps marketing managers evaluate product development, brand positioning and even messaging strategy using the same context as promotions and other marketing tactics competing for the same investment resources. CIA® has been carefully designed to provide these types of invaluable insights. Thanks to the thought leadership provided by Dr. Lodish, we repeatedly allow our clients to tackle multiple marketing questions from the same platform. More often than not, our competitors suggest multiple divergent tools to accomplish similar tasks that are integrated into our single proprietary CIA®.

To find out how we implement many of the concepts that Dr. Lodish has outlined throughout his incredible career, visit our website at Also, check out Dr. Lodish’s incredible body of work for marketing analytics at

On a personal note, we also encourage you to sponsor the annual Lodish ride. Find out how to participate as a supporter at

Middlegame is the only ROMI consultancy of its kind that offers a holistic view of the implications of resource allocation and investment in the marketplace. Our approach to scenario-planning differs from other marketing analytics providers by addressing the anticipated outcome for every SKU (your portfolio and your competitors’) in every channel. Similar to the pieces in chess, each stakeholder can now evaluate the trade-offs of potential choices and collectively apply them to create win-win results.